Monday, November 30, 2009


Listen up all you artists out there. Secret Wars is looking for the best freestyle pen artists out there to finish forming the Dublin Secret Wars Team. The team will travel Europe next year to take on all the big capital teams, Glasgow, Lisbon, Berlin and London who reign supreme. There will be sponsorships and huge prises along with recognition you just couldn't buy. Its a serious affair so if you think you have what it takes to draw live in front of a crowd and work well with a strong team of artists then send your details to the the style wizard Andy at . The jam will be taking place in the Twisted Pepper in Dublin just on Abbey Street off O Connel Street on the 10th of December. Picture it as an open mic for artists to show there skills. We will be picking the best 3 for the team if they are there. Get your details to Andy before December 8 if you want to rock n roll on the night.

Secret Wars is already huge and is only getting bigger. So go big or go Dan says but I'm way more polite I'm like go big but if you want to stay after for some tea or a fizzy drink do by all means.

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