Thursday, October 07, 2010


In the orange glow of the Dublin lamp light artists from all over came together last weekend like a shattered T-1000 for OFFSET 2010. A weekend of fantastic artistic chin wagging from the stage of the Grand Canal theatre and many a fine pint after. 
In the darkness of last Friday night the doors of South Studios were opened to unveil a unique collaborative show put together and hosted the dreamy Shane O Driscoll and Ivor Noyek also know as FTLO. The show was a fine display of artistc collaboration. FTLO asked artists to team up and create art pieces together on found objects, items or furnishings reclaimed from skips and charity shops. The show was beautifully presented with an array of team force art work that hung the ceilings, came out from the walls and grew from the floor. 
Mr Steve Mcarthy and myself were invited by the FTLO to paint some live illustrations on the night. We came equipped with a suitcase filled with paint and brushes and our canvas would turn out to be two old filling cabinets. After strategically planned paint explosion we got down and dirty with the cabinets and doodled for the night. The cabinets have since been given to our foster brothers at LeCool so if anyone has any files that they need filing they would be more than happy to oblige.
Beer was drunk, paint was spilled and choreographed dancing took place on what was yet another great FTLO. All the work can be viewed right HERE

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