Thursday, June 09, 2011

Making my own Blog Jealous!!!

I am gonna have a Blog affair all day today, wait Is it today? Yeah It's after 12 so It's Thursday...right? Flippin better be cause I'm goin to Dublin Castle to do some live blogging for the lovely folk at the  Year of Crafts 2011 Public Conference If they like it or not!  I will be blogging all about the days goings on but not from this here blog but I'll stop In for an auld chat let ya know about so n so and what he said about your Ma! So If your feeling a wee bit crafty stop on by, take me out to lunch, buy me gifts, tell me sweet nothings or bake me something. I don't mean to be so demanding but Ill be In a Castle and thats what you ask for when your In a castle ..right? Damn straight of it you do. 

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