Saturday, November 26, 2011

The Real Human Being Operation Game

Here's my new piece I made for the For The Love Of Progress show. All the artists involved were given a brief having to make a piece based on the theme of Progress. After seeing the movie DRIVE It reminded me of the time when I saw the Turtles movie for the first time. As a way too easily influenced kid I walked out of that cinema thinking I was Donatello and started kicking air and punching invisible Foot Soldiers. I have been the same ever since. So when I came out of the cinema after seeing Drive, and this feeling Is mutual with many of my male friends who own a car and went to see this movie, well I held no regard for the law. For that short drive home with my girlfriend I played pretend Drive In my head, like I did with the Turtles as a child, and I broke the law by doing so driving like a maniac and been a total nerd whilst doing so. All I was missing was a tooth pick for my girlfriend to get out of the car and say "I'm walking, your way too embarrassing". But at the time It felt right, It felt good and to this day I don't regret what I did. So much so I decided to make some Drive art. 
What reflects the theme of Progress more than a Revenge movie and the game Operation? All within a 5 minute window. Now thats progress...I think? 

The rules are a little different In The Real Human Being Operation Game. You have a 5 minute window - Turning the watch on the steering to 5 min, It then ticks and counts down. In that time you have to carefully remove all the relics of the Drivers past from his body. Each symbol represents a scene In the film and each has a difficulty rating. If you touch the sides whilst trying to remove the piece the scorpions tail lights up and instead of a buzzer a car engine rev sounds.

You have to remove the iconic hammer, his car key, a shot gun shell from the motel, the bullet given as a threat, face fragments from his boot, the money In the bag, his male merit badge tooth pick, the faithful knife from his stomach and his all important heart. 

These photos were kindly taking by my good mate and the super talented Albert Hooi the gentleman film maker and If you hang about this blog you will see a little advert we are making for the game so you can see it in action. Should be up In a few short days!
Thanks to for adding It to their page today! Ye are real human beings and real heros. 


Fraeya said...

Mick Minogue, you are a champ. :)

-S said...

I want it $$$.

Georgie said...

I Love IT. Can I order it in time for Christmas? ;-)

Mick Minogue said...

Fraeya you are the champ your work Is fantastic, flippin fantastic at that.

The piece will be on exhibition until the 23rd Of December, I haven't priced It yet I am going to wait till after the show. Offers are welcome of course.

Thanks for the suport ye are great!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely fantastic. Pure Genius