Saturday, January 28, 2012

A day with Designgoat by Marko Keogh

Last weekend was one of the most enjoyable I have had In a very long time. Bumping into old mates, painting, Reggie Watts and bitter walks home.  My little brother from another mother came up for a visit, armed with his camera and taste for cheese toasties. We spent a lovely Saturday with good mates Designgoat down In a warehouse in the docklands which they are transforming into a new internet company hub. Mark captured the day perfectly and made a super little edit. This Is Marko's first edit and If this is what he can do on his first outing well ye other fuckers with cameras best watch this space. He Is jam packed with ideas and energy and looking for more good folk to turn his camera towards so If you are one of those creative folk and you would like Marko Keogh to make something look better than reality it self for you just email him at His Vimeo page Is HERE so best bookmark that as there will be plenty popping up In the coming weeks.

DesignGoat - Docklands Warehouse - Jan 21st from Marko Keogh on Vimeo.

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