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This is one of those posts I never saw myself writing but how excited and happy I am to be doing just that. A little while back I was asked by the lovely Katie and Jensen from  my favourite gallery, Gallery 1988 to take part In a selection of shows this year. I will be doing 5 in all this one being the very first.  For me personally Its a mega deal as I have been such a huge fan of Gallery 1988 since I discovered them when I was living In Paris a couple of years back. They were putting on the kind of shows I only dreamed of and there isn't the same outlet here In ireland so It's truly a dream come true. In my eyes they are the kings of Pop Culture themed shows and they have had some of the worlds greatest illustrators and artists on their walls and now I have been invited to show there with the artists I so much admire and aspire to. 
So with a hugemungous! smile on my face let me tell you all about the first big show I'll be taking part In. 
The Memes show is the galleries 8 year anniversary show celebrating all things internetish! For an example of all things MEME click HERE.  The show will celebrate all the times when you have sat In front of a computer screen with your friend feverishly clicking a link amazed that " you haven't seen this video??? WTF ???". Remember the first time you watched Im on a Boat by Lonely Planet or the first time you got RickRoll'd??? These are the new lazy thrills we live for. There are so so many, Chuck Testa or one of my favourites The 1960s Spiderman Meme.  If you think of how many amazing Memes there are and then think of how flippin MEGIC ( my new word combining Magic - Mega & Epic into one - approved and cleared by Mr Paddy Dunne Ltd ) this show In Galley 1988 will be. Over 100 artists are taking part displaying their creative interpretations of their favourite internet classics. 
I decided to go for two really well known Memes. The Nyan Cat   which has over 71 million hits and The Old Spice Guy who clocks in a whopping 40 million hits! 
The first piece Is the Nyan Cat Ship. 
The Nyan Cat has always amazed me. Such a simple repetitive video that has become insanely popular worldwide. What astounds me more Is the fact that this cat who has the body of a Poptart who hurtles itself throw space with the thrust of a powerful rainbow Is still going. There Is a 100 hour video of this online so you'd think he would have eaten himself by now. I think we are led to believe he Is a cat but If those pixels were looked at by a Bruce Willis sized telescope device you would see that this innocent cat Is actually a very large cat shaped spaceship. I know this may be pretty far fetched but believe me It's entirely true, Stephen Hawking text me earlier and said " Yo RLY gotz to check out da Nyan Cat Ship wit me n Willis on Da Mother Fuckin Jelloscope Yo! CUATU! "So I decided that I would tell the world this incredible news by making a 21X15 inch life sized replica of the ship and displaying It as close as I could to Hollywood hoping that Michael Bay's spider sense will tingle and he will ruin the whole thing by making a shit explosive movie about it. 
It was also brought to my attention by myself that every single cat you have ever seen on the internet is actually from Inside the Nyan Cat. They have been making videos up in that ship for years now cause they are bored off their tits and Admiral Ackbar who has been pretty senile for the past few decades is still shouting at everything saying " ITS A TRAP" The other day Scientists who hang out In my house told me over a cup of Sprite that they believe that the Nyan Cat Ship will soon run out of fuel and eventually shut down. The rainbow that propels It through space Is power by Skittles . All the cats on on board started eating the skittles and now they are In trouble cause all their tongues are multicoloured and they cant open any of the doors as their natural tongue colour Is scanned to enter and exit rooms on board the ship. SHIT BE CRAZY up there. So If you have time today take a moment to think of these poor cats...they say In space no one can hear you scream but we can hear them like e v e r y d a y ,  just click HERE and listen to their dispair. 

The Nyan Cat Ship will be on display In

Gallery1988 Melrose:

7020 Melrose Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90038
For their megic MEME Show opening May 4th. So if your about get on down for what will be a huge opening night. 

Thanks to Albert Hooi for taking these pics, a gent as always. 
Next post -  THE OLD SPICE GUY ACTION FIGURE will be up tomorrow morning. 

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