Sunday, August 05, 2012

Annie Morning

This Is an old piece I made for my girlfriends birthday about a year or two ago. A depiction of Annie's morning day to day as seen seen from my sleepy eyes. Its a piece I have always liked and never tired of. Something about the style and composition of this piece Is something I have always wanted to come back to with my work. I remember making this and how natural and fluid the process was never once concerning myself with the details or materials used. It felt like Lego almost, building it up right before the composition toppled over. Approaching my work with more relaxation  I have started coming back to this style of late especially with my latest piece for Gallery 1988's Crazy 4 Cult show In NY which i will be posting up In the coming days. I don't normally go back on my work but this piece which I see on our bedroom wall every morning has really rejuvenated my thoughts on style and what I like within my work. With the amount of work I produce I always feel slightly uncomfortable about my concentration on one particular style, felling as If I have to conform to a particular look or style so my work stays consistant and can be noticed as 'My' work. After much deliberation and introspective freak outs I have come to the conclusion that sticking to one particular style does not agree with me what so ever as that would go against my personal grain completely. Each year that goes by my tastes change and I think my work just adapts to those changes. This Is something thats being playing on my mind of late and something I will come back to again.

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