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Sullys Saloon - Diorama Commission

I was recently mailed by a young lady by the name of Clare Spain who asked me would I make a diorama for her amazing husband Andrew. This diorama would be a celebration of Andrew and all his loves of life. To make it even more special It would be a gift from Clare for their 2 year wedding anniversary. I was already signed up for this job when I recognised Clares name as I have been a fan of her blog for some time. I love her style of writing and her reviews so I was already pretty psyched up for the commission, until she dropped the inspiration bomb on me as to what Andrew was all about and  what his passions were. The only way I can describe how I felt when knowing what influences I had to work from would be pretty close to THIS. 
I get a lot of commissions, always personal and usually I have to try narrate the likes and love of a person that I have never met and hope that I have done them justice but sweet flippin mandinka christ balls this was one heck of damn fine commission to get and I ain't kidding right up until the very end, like right to the point of delivery of the piece It just kept on giving. 
So the brief I was given was this - To make a diorama similar to THIS diorama I made a little while ago for the lovely Gemma. It was to be a celebration of a man I have never met but who I was told was an amazing man who loved certain things. This Is where I put my fist raised high into the sky and kept It there right until I only brought It down to shake the mans hand. My palet of inspiration was this - 
  • Andrew loves Deadwood, whiskey, reading and all things book bound. His two 'stupid' cats Butter and Biscuit. His beard. 
  • He's the son of a preacher man ( what a chat up line ) and someday he will write the greatest novel ever.
  • He loves film and his taste Is pretty exactly my taste in film, the dude a ledge. 
  • He has been christened the nickname James P. Sullivan as of Monsters Inc. fame because of a "ridiculous" purple and green spotty jumper he wears or wore? 
  • The rest of the details are now forever immortaised In an art piece and will forever hold their silence. 
So with all that In mind I went to work and this Is what I made. 

 Never before have I seen such a retched hive of scum and villainy.  

 I made a glass roof so at night If near a light Sullys Saloon comes alive.

 Inspired by Andrews jumper I thought who better to own the local watering hole other than the lovable Sully from Monsters Inc. He's a little nervous of Clare and Andrews cat Butters - All jumpers are afraid of cats.  

 Don't fuck with this cat...
 Whos this Punk??
 Andrew and Clare have another cat named Biscuit who Is depicted here on canvas...Butters obviously took serious offense to this painting and took the envy claws to it. MEOWZA!!! 
 Well If it isn't the man himself. When I think Deadwood I think Al Swearengen. Years after being first introduced to such a great character this Is my first time portraying him. Who would have the balls to drink with this man??? 
 Andrew Is a book man and I imagined If Al Swearengen read a book...maybe it would be Catcher In the Rye?? Nay This would be way more his kinda book. 
 WHAT THE?? Who drinks semi naked with Al Swearengen? 
 Andrew, thats who. 
 I ain't too sure whats going down here but I think Andrew's lost the bet...or maybe Al has???

 The glue trough for all those hand made horses. 
 Some locals up to no good. 
A glass roof to add light to the Saloon and some scrap wood to cast nice shadow. I had to eat 120 Ice Pops to make this piece and Im alllllright with that. 

Thanks to Clare for giving me such a enjoyable commission. Like I said It just kept on giving right up until I had to deliver the piece. The guys lived only a few doors up from my home n studio so I was able to call In and give the piece to the man himself which was great. I perfect end to a little story. 

If your like me and thought 'wha hey this dude seems like one heck of a cool lad' well think no more and just check out his thoughts and writing wonders right HERE.  Don't forget that this man also has an amazing super wife and you can follow her lovely blog right HERE. 

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