Thursday, October 11, 2012

Blá's Dublin Discorama going away pressy!

One day a few months back I was running about the Body n Soul Festival  In a Super Ted poncho and I bumped into the most colourful hand knitted smiliest wee lass dancing around being happy out. Her name was Liadain. Whilst we had the craic dancing about In the rain we had no idea that we knew all the same folk. Sure Its a small auld world n ya never know who'll you'll meet In a field of a few thousand peeps. A couple of weeks back Liadain got back in touch and asked me would I be up for  making something for her bestest mate In the whole wide world ever. I had seen some of Liadain's awesome jumpers so I was mad keen to get her to make something for my girlfriend Annie and before ya knew It we were deep Into a secret arts and crafts affair. I asked Liadain If she could make me a Fantastic Mr Fox jumper for Annie as she only LOVES it and especially Ash. Li asked would I make a diorama for her bested buddy Blá who was leaving right after her b-day to live else where. So we both got down to some secret making.  Liadain had the great idea of making her best mate a little piece of home so she can party with all her mates whenever she misses them. So here's what came out of the most awesome spontaneous barter commission ever. I'm gonna just show what I made cause what Liadain made deserves Its very own post Its just beyond amazing and doesn't deserve to squished In here. Trust me you will all want a Bangle De Bell Jumper when you see it! My girlfriend has left me for a jumper....

Happy B-day Blá and good luck on your new adventure. x 

 The box I had was a strange size so I made into some classic Dublin, Ol Liberty Hall. 
 This view was taken by two fruit flies In a mini helicopter, well mini to me but actual size to them. Sadly they lost there lives the following day when they flew into the fridge. 
 This Is actually written On Liberty Hall . . the small one not the big one but we should write it on the big one no one else is using It and I called next on it sooooo....
 This is a quote from the Gardai from a party they disagreed with one night the lads were out. Ah the Gardai they are like that mosquito In Jurassic Park fossilizing our most prehistoric nights out forever in our memories. 
 This is exactly what I think music making gear looks like at 4 in the morning!
 After taking this picture I realised that we need to party around Liberty hall sometime. 
Liadain asked me to make herself, Blá and her 3 favourite Dublin Dj's - from the left Philth, Lil Dave & Rubio. 
Open up Liberty Hall and just like Mighty Max It becomes the Button Factory. The white mini canvas Is for mini projections! 

I've seen Rubio play once before and I think this Is his token move - I more than likely just made that up but I'm sure of it - I think Its called the Rubio Twist n Punch, a classic favourite. 

This Is one of many Lil Dave Button Factory work outs - you can find the rest on his DVD which is out this Christmas. 
 Lil Dave dropping some serious Orinoco Flow. 
This Is literally a still shot from when I first met the legend that Is Li to the adian! 
 Blá the birthday girl and bestest friend to Li. 
 Liadian the commissioner. 
 Lil Dave ( classic tracky edition) 
 Philth ( with token shimmy bop switch move) 
Rubio ( with his swing dance arm twist switch move) 
Lil Dave Nightflight
 Blá - Nightflight with Li
 Nightflight Li
 Nightflight Rubio
Nightflight Philth

Keep posted for the next post - You won't believe your eyeballs when ya see what Liadain Aiken made in return. STAY TUNED!!! 

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