Monday, October 15, 2012

Bishops got milk?

So there I was, about 8 or 9 years old, high on life and fizzy red lemonade which both my cousins Ruth, Brian & I were binging on In their sitting room zipped up In our sleeping bags ready for what would be a life changing sleepover. Popping Malteasers like I had a death wish & washing them down with a tall glass of giddiness I could not have been more pimped at a sleepover. Then I saw Brian be all sketchy as he pulled out a VHS tape flicking off the lights and losing all composure of being the older responsible cousin. Shit was about to go down and I liked it.  All I knew was we were gonna watch a film called Aliens and being a E.T. generation kid I felt completely ok with that cause the only aliens I knew wore red hoodies & travelled around in BMX baskets or were on TV every Saturday morning. SO BRING IT COUSIN!! Over the course of those frozen non blinking 2 hrs I sat glued to the television, I have never had so many questions about a movie. Where did the Aliens come from? How do they have acid for blood? Is that a hispanic boy or girl with the head band and big gun? Why did Bishop spit out loads of milk when the big Alien at the end stabbed him In the body?Why did I make my sleeping bag that night like a cocoon from the film and sleep with it zipped over my head? Why did I not go to the bathroom after drinking 3 litres of red lemonade? Why can't I watch Aliens today without thinking of my cousins and aunty asking me did I have an accident? Why did I do the very same thing the following night In a tent In the garden?
Looking back Aliens didn't scare the pee outta me with fear, I remember just being so transfixed by it, an imagination overload with no time to pee. The clincher for a lemonade filled 8 year old had to be the final scene, my E.T. moment. Thinking Its all alright and everyones safe I can uncurl my toes when 'NOOOOOOOO!!!!' MILLLLLKKKKK!!!!! BISHOP NOOOOOOOO!!!! SO MUCH MILK??????? I'm pretty sure I ate all my cereal dry after that final scene for about two weeks. No body puts Bishop In the corner . . . In two halves. Whadabitch! 
So In honour of that chunk of nostalgia gold I made this little diorama. I started It a little while back & never finished but seeing as Halloween Is on its way. This will be up for sale this week If my new website pops up so do stay tuned here or hang around this Facebook page or Twitter. 


Grainne said...

Such a sweet memory, with er an equally sweet piece! You should do something on pregnancy, it's just like being in alien!

Grainne said...

What a sweet memory and er equally sweet piece. You should do something on being pregnant, it feels just like being in alien.