Thursday, December 13, 2012

Festive Poncho Making Artclash

You know what Its like, you get up Christmas morning wearing either the clothes you fell into bed with with a mighty hangover from the festive banter in the pub the night before. You might try freshen up but lets be honest not even your most festive jumper your gran knitted can shield you from so many loud noises and bright lights. You need something warm cosy and functioning. You need a Christmas Morning Poncho. WTF Is that you say? Its the coziest, coolest most shit hot thing you could wear this year, so hot catwalks banded them every year since 1983. A warm blanket you can wear with a hood for when its your turn to run out for more sticks for the fire. Pockets for snaking the last crunchie from Selection Box. A money pocket on the inside for kind card offerings. Your poncho can be your best friend this Christmas morning and I am having a Artclash class tomorrow night to show you how to make one.  I will be the Mike Baldwin of Abbey Street tomorrow night with my fine festive Sewing Machine Bitches in the basement of the Twisted Pepper. There we will welcome you to enjoy some festive drinks, treats and projected movies such as Home Alone, Die Hard and some Zig and Zag classics.  During our fine banter I will show you how to make your very own poncho based on your favourite Christmas cartoon, film, toy or memory. All you have to do Is think of what you'd like to make, bring a soft throw like THIS one which are 3euro in Ikea or similar in Pennys. Make sure you get a colour that suits what ya wanna make, so red for a Home Alone poncho or Superted. Maybe green for a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles one or something yellow or purple for a Zig & Zag poncho. We will have as much materials as we can but you need to assist us to help make your perfect poncho. We will show you how to stick, cut and sew and also have a team of sewing machine elves there to do real fast stitches for hoods, tails, capes or what ever you can dream up. During the class we will have a selection of movies on for you to be inspired by as well as The Classquatch DJ who will play us some fine Festive Funk! When all our ponchos are made will will then have a poncho party and dance cosily into the night!
To book your place just follow this LINK where you can get your ticket for 15 bucks. The class starts at 8pm and will run up 10:30 - All the while you can have chats, the craic and drink so Its not your regular night course at all, Its Artclash the greatest creative craic one can have In Dublin City.

This all kicks off tomorrow night Friday the 14th down stairs In the Twisted Pepper. You can find more info here and please don't hesitate to ask us any questions you might have. We hope to see you there and can't wait for what will be one cosy night In whilst out on the town.

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