Monday, September 30, 2013

Breaking is such sweet sorrow

Its nearly time to see out one of the most enjoyable and utterly cool shows television land has ever given us. I've been meaning to make a Breaking Bad woodcut for sometime and it wouldn't have felt right not having one made before it all comes to an end. A little darker than my usual make n do shenanigans , I wanted to make a piece that captured the cold loving relationship of Walt and Jesse. That scene in the 'Confessions" episode stuck out my mind. Walt literally hugging the life out of Jesse as he was dragging his arms into that warm embrace. If one scene had to sum up their relationship that to me was it. Walt you old snake. 
I haven't yet watched the final episode so hush yo lips, I have been blind folded and hidden away from all things internet today but I don't think this woodcut gives much away to anyone who hasn't yet seen the show. 
I tried a few new things with this little piece, I went for a more realistic feel with the colour work and style and also its double sided which I don't normally do. 
I am pretty happy with my glowing meth heart. When you hold it up to the light the tiny blue meth bits glow through. ( just for the record no meth was used - pencil parings and glue is how I got this fix ) 
I also painted a few layers of glow in the dark paint on the heart, so haunty at night BITCH! 
No plans for this woodcut just yet but if anyone out there wants to enquire about it just drop me a mail at
Here's to the Bad times, raise your glasses with me tonight...BITCH!!! 

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