Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Say Haaaaans! to the Bad Guy for Crazy4Cult

Its that time of year again when we start getting the fires lit and the couch made comfy so we can nestle down with a good movie. I am pretty delighted to be back on the walls of Gallery 1988 for the first of their two Crazy4Cult shows this year. The first one in their LA galley is dedicated to all the bad lads of the movie world. 'Say Hi to the Bad Guy' opens next friday the 18th of October and runs until November 9th. The show will showcase some of the best bad guys in super creative ways. Sticking with the illustrated woodcuts I've been making of late I decided to make a woodcut set based on one of my all time favourite movies. Die Hard for me just instantly makes me feel cosy and wrapped up, its winter by the fire, Christmas under the tree and I just can't get enough of its cinematic perfection. Its one of the "they don't make em like they use to" movies. I based the woodcuts on Hans Grubers final scene in the movie. A bad guy that I feel was the foundation for many more to come and ones we see in cinema a lot today.  Thought it would be fun to make all four characters, even the trigger happy hench man Eddie. You know these would look killer on your mantel right beside the crib at Christmas. Wink Wink Nudge Nudge. x 

 If you like these and would like to ask bout having your very own movie inspired woodcuts made for you get in touch at You can follow my creative mischief right HERE be sure to pop on like in the bowl on your way in. 

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