Friday, January 02, 2015

Paduary 2015

At the beginning of 2012 I set myself a personal project that would also act as month long gift to a friend. I dedicated the month of January to my friend and creative collaborator Paddy Dunne calling it 'Paduary'.

Over the course of the month I would take a few minutes out of each day and do a little doodle of Paddy.I would illustrate the daily adventures of my champion friend so you too can get to know the REAL Paddy Dunne. Each little paddy pic Is based on the true life adventures of Paddy Dunne with pure exaggerated imagination ingredients included. 

This project is now in its 4rd year and I hope to continue it until Paddy and myself share the same nursing home or we run out of pop culture references. 

This year is a little different than the last. Instead of random daily scenarios I will make a continuing story line, made by the suggestions from you the Paddy fans. So anyone following can suggest where Paddy goes or what characters he meets along the way. Some days there may be more than one page depending on where we take the story. The story begins the morning after that big party. Leave your suggestions in the comment box below each image. 

I'd love if you could share Paduary with your friends so we can change that boring old January once and for all and bring a bit of craic to it. It will be way better than checking the news in the morning time and the more people involved the more wild suggestions. 

You can look at all the past years on my website HERE

You can also follow Paduary each day this month HERE

Let the padventure begin

Happy Paduary 2015.

Paduary 1st

Paduary 2nd

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