Friday, February 27, 2015

The Figures in question.

Hey everyone, 

I'm looking for your thoughts, opinions, critiques and artistic knowledge.
I have been thinking long and hard about the Game of Thrones figures I made not so long ago for the Ltd Gallery in Seattle. They were a small collection and made really as a whole art piece for a show with no real intention of becoming anything but that. Since they sold out at the show I have been getting emails from all over from so many amazing people. Some asking will I make more and others demanding I make more. Ive been asked about nearly every character, "Where is Joffrey at? The Mother of Dragons eating a heart what up? YO! make Oberyn if ya know whats good for ya."

Making the entire Battle Damaged collection is something I would love to do, they were so much fun to make but its a huge task to take on along with work and just life in general. But lately the urge has been too great and maybe I need to listen to the people and just get my game ( of thrones ) on.

The thing thats really stopping me is I haven't the foggiest where to start? How to mass produce something but keep the hand made elements and charm? Even with a Kickstarter campaign and some money backing it how could I produce so many characters in a short space of time in the way that keeps them as a collectible piece? Is there a toy company that could help? Who to ask or where to look?
What I'm asking you all is for your thoughts? DO you like the work enough to feel there should be more? Would you buy one as an artistic designer toy? Would it be best to have them made of wood, hand painted and not plastic? I make this stuff always thinking of the fans of my work and I guess now I am asking those fans what would you do? Your thoughts and honest opinions would help steer me the right way. 

I've started this discussion and investigation over on my Facebook page so feel free to jump in and share your thoughts or you can email me at 

Much love. 

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