Monday, August 17, 2015

New Bizzzzness cards from USB Memory Direct

There is a time in your life when you just need to step up and wear the big boy pants. It's of the upmost importance that the big boy pants have pockets big enough to hold all your jewels, wealth and essential McGyver type tools for breaking out of tricky situations. 
Every artist I know has been in that face palm moment. You're out having a drink and get chatting to someone who ends up being an art director of that agency you've always heard of but never got your work in the door. If only you had a business card with all of your best work on it to give to them with a quick flick of your Patrick Bateman wrist. 

The guys at USB Memory Direct got in touch about arming me with such weaponry.  I dealt with a lovely guy named Jeff who was so on his game, like I wish he worked for our Broad Band provider. Within a few days they were on my door step and I was ready for business. The quality of the cards is the best I have seen, well I'v never seen a USB business card before but these are the best there is, really strong and with 8gb on each card I can load up the best of my portfolio and show off to all my business friends....well artist friends...who don't normally have business cards so this will blow their creative minds, total game changer. Now I just need to make 8gb of work to put on there. 

Have a look at USB Memory Directs custom work, man they can make any usb look shit hot. When I've handed all my cards out or used them to break out of a locked room thats about to be blown up by evil Russian warlords, I'll be ordering another batch. 

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