Wednesday, May 18, 2011


I decided late last night, or this morning depending on how you judge time. I work off Owl hours and sit up drawing or making into the early hours annoyed that I couldn't have applied my skills of staying up all night un -phased by tiredness to a profession like a Doctor or a Sniper. I was sent  THIS here competition info and decided to give It a shot. The brief was simple, draw a picture using pens, pencils markers or whatever and draw an apocalyptic picture on an A4 page and send it to the address that was attached. So here's Is what the dead of night conjured up and told me to do. Daft Punk on an old fashioned motor bike with a side-car. They are getting out of dodge city since the apocalypse was getting pretty shit crazy so they got this bad ass vintage bike from this war vets garage who had become a zombie since the nuclear attack and they pimped it out with fresh new Tron wheels. Lucky for them their helmets kept out all the Nuclear gas from the massive triple A-bomb that was dropped and they don't have to wear lame bike helmets. As they get as far outside the city as they can they turn to take some pics of the devastation, girls reenacting that scene from Terminator 2 when Sarah Conner has that fucked up dream and she Is holding onto the wire fence and all the skin blows off.... girls were doing that and Daft Punk were taking sweet pics of It to put on their Blog. Shit I don't think I'm gonna win this competition. I believe this for a number of reasons that I am willing for your benefit to bullet point.
  • I didn't colour it. I know this Is not hugely important but everyone loves colour, except Panda's and Zebras and Nosveratu. 
  • I have to post the picture. I don't know If I have a stamp. The woman In the local Post Office hates me.
  • I think I missed the point.
  • I am celebrating National Procrastination Week for the past 16 years. 
  • I haven't won an art competition since I was In school and I think I had better ideas and skills back then. 
  • The whole idea of doing a piece for an art competition Is In itself a way of me not focusing on the work I am meant to be doing therefore been a total spa and that creates bad karma which will come back and bite me In the face when I find out I lost and made a ham sandwich of my residency next week. 

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